Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct

  1. Please be on time for your class. We hope you will enjoy the training that is to follow.
  2. Handlers must be at least 16 years of age. Children younger than 16 do not have the ability or strength that is necessary to handle a dog. Of course, there is no upper age limit.
  3. Cancellations before the first day of class are subject to a $20 cancellation fee.  No tuition fees will be refunded on or after the first day of the class. Should special circumstances occur, please contact the club’s registrar.
  4. Children are welcome but we insist they DO NOT PET ANY DOG OTHER THAN THEIR OWN! Your children must be kept under control and should have some supervision when the parent is training.
  5. Dogs must be on leash and under the handler’s control at all times. Sniffing other dogs, barking, lunging, and other uncontrolled behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. Sensible shoes and clothing must be worn. We recommend tennis shoes as the best and most comfortable footwear.
  7. Please do not feed your dog less than four hours prior to class. This will hopefully prevent accidents at school.
  8. Dogs must be exercised before being brought to school. The area just north of the building is designated as an exercise area. Clean up supplies are provided for accidents in class and you MUST clean up thoroughly.
  9. No bitches in season allowed. The heat period lasts approximately 21 days. Before the bitch is brought back to class, we suggest bathing and brushing her to remove all traces of scent. There are no make-up classes. You should come to school and observe the class in order to continue training at home. No homework sheets will be mailed for classes missed. If a graduation is missed, notify the class Registrar so arrangements can be made to go through graduation at another time.
  10. Your training collar is for training only. A buckle collar should be used when not training. NO TAGS will be allowed on the training collars. They are annoying and distracting to your dog, your instructor, and your classmates.
  11. No smoking inside the training facility.
  12. No intoxicating beverages or drugs consumed prior to class. Please remember…Dog training takes two hands and a clear head.
  13. If you have questions during the week, contact Frank Modica (630) 415-1958.Please be on time for your class. We hope you will enjoy the training that is to follow.