“Teaching a Positive Approach to Training through
an Understanding of Canine Behavior.”

Wildwood Dog Training Club is a group of dog owners who believe that obedience training serves as the cornerstone for success in any dog/handler endeavor. As such, many of our members actively participate in dog-related activities, including competitive obedience and agility trials, flyball tournaments, conformation shows and volunteer therapy work.


dog training


Our classes are conducted by helpful, well-qualified instructors who have attained one or more obedience titles on their own dogs. Each year our trainers attend seminars on canine behavior, learning theory and specific problem resolution. Consequently, they are always current with the newest concepts and training techniques.

We believe obedience training should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. A successful training experience is the key to a mutually fulfilling and rewarding partnership. Our teaching philosophy is based upon an understanding of canine behavior and learning theory. Our training methods are gentle and persuasive, with an emphasis on motivation, communication and reward. Dogs trained with our positive-reinforcement techniques become happy, reliable and secure in their standing as members of the family and community.