Dog Training Club

Wildwood Dog Training Club is a group of dog owners who believe that obedience training serves as the cornerstone for success in any dog/handler endeavor. As such, many of our members actively participate in dog-related activities, including competitive obedience and agility trials, flyball tournaments, conformation shows and volunteer therapy work.

Our classes are conducted by helpful, well-qualified instructors who have attained one or more obedience titles on their own dogs. Each year our trainers attend seminars on canine behavior, learning theory and specific problem resolution. Consequently, they are always current with the newest concepts and training techniques

What we do

Dog Training and Classes

Puppy Class

Dogs 2-6 months old

The smartest, most important investment you can make in your puppy.

Beginner Class

Dogs over 6 months old

This class is designed to enhance your relationship with your dog.

Advanced Training

Post Beginner Graduation

For owners that want to improve their dog's abilities and work towards titles.

AKC Certified

AKC Certified Puppy Class

canine good citizen class